Erin B.

Thank you Vanessa Brack for our beautiful family session. I want to post them all, but there is something special about keeping the favorites all to myself.... #thisiswhatiwillrememberonherweddingday


Amy P.

I highly recommend Vanessa Brack as your photographer. Your family photos will be athentic, beautiful, and a family keepsake. When we asked Vanessa to come into our home because we wanted family photographs we didn't realize we would have treasures froze in time. Our photos are US, not posed. She captured the real US, the real and raw moments that are truly US and made them absolutely beautiful. She is kind and makes you feel comfortable to just be yourselves (which is crazy in my house).  My husband (who hates family picture time of year) for the first time said how grateful he is for these photos. We can't wait for next year's sessions and years to come. Thank you, Vanessa for your talent and these sweet memories you have captured for my family. 


Ps... She is the only photgrapher that I could find that would come to my home instead of taking my newborn and two other children to a studio for newborn photos. That's huge for a new mom or a mom of three like me. 


Kim H.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but no amount of words can do justice to describe Vanessa’s photography.  Everyone has a story unfolding and there are countless memories we wish could be frozen in time.  Having our first baby is the current chapter of ours.  She’s our little sunshine, our world in this one little miracle of life.  Amazed by Vanessa’s work, I contacted her for a photo session.  Vanessa is one of those rare people you meet for the first time and feel like you’ve known forever.  She removed any stress of - what to do, what to wear, how our home should look.  She guided me through it all and said don’t worry about any of that, just be me and she’d take care of the rest.  Vanessa created such a calm setting and I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone taking my pictures.  I’m always the one who feels so photo awkward but there was no posing, no ‘stand here’, or ‘say cheese’.  It was all natural of us and somehow she captured our souls that are forever immortalized in the images she took.  I’m eternally grateful to Vanessa for photographing this most special chapter in our life.  Her passion and gift is phenomenal - best photographer ever.  I'll cherish each moment, every memory of my daughter, and long after I’m old and gray, they will remain - not only locked in my heart but preserved in these photos thanks to Vanessa.  I can't wait for her to capture the forever moments of our story for years to come.  Priceless.