Published! | Yuma Photographer

I am an artist and one of my favorite subjects to photograph is women. I create art that shows what it feels like to be a woman, as I feel it. When I'm photographing a woman, her story becomes entangled in mine and the final image is a portrait of my soul and hers. 

My goal for 2017 was to get published in print. In September I was thrilled to achieve my goal by having one of my images selected to be in Dear Photographer magazine! I was included in the "Emotive Collection" which is a huge compliment for me. The chosen photograph was from a session with a lovely young woman that I admire very much. She's smart, talented, and kind of a badass to be honest! This image evokes the exhaustion that life can bring. Her story is her own to tell, but for me there are times that kids, work, household responsibilities, and all the other relationships I want to nurture can wear me out. At times like that I feel depleted. I know you've been there. Even during those times I marvel at the beauty of this life.