Desert Session | Yuma Family Photographer

This mama grew up in Yuma and wanted family photos taken here to hang as art on the walls of her new home in Califormia. Her mom still lives here and it was really cool to have her included in the session. I think the boys will cherish having these photos of them with their Nana. I so enjoyed this session. Their quiet love left me feeling full of peace. And oh my gosh, her dress was stunning and absolutely perfect for the desert!

Magazine Feature | Yuma Newborn Photographer

My goal as a photographer is to create art for my clients. I want them to see that their families and lives as works of art. This isn't about perfection, but instead it's about the beauty of the imperfect. I'm so excited that one of my photos from a newborn/family session here in Yuma has been chosen to be featured in Dear Photographer magazine! This image was made in my client's master bedroom using window light. No fuss or complicated setup, just the family hanging out at home while I photographed their new chapter of life. The theme of this issue was "Details" which is something I'm passionate about. Like in this photo, the curve of mom's hand and the anticipation of her touching his sweet little foot give me all the heart eyes. 


Military Family | Yuma Family Photographer

Since Yuma has a big military community we locals have the opportunity to meet some incredible people from around the world. I was happy to meet and photograph this beautiful family. Their little guy was on the go for most of the session and I think he had a great time. I love capturing details and one of my favorites from this session is the photo of his hair standing up. As a parent I know that it's those adorable little things we don't want to forget. The twins were just about as sweet and loving as you can imagine and so patient with their little brother. 

In Home Family Session | Yuma Family Photographer

This was my second session with this family and my first repeat client! For a new small business owner that is a pretty cool moment. I'm so excited to watch this awesome little girl grow up and I feel lucky as heck to have families like this as clients. In this session dad wanted to capture the time he spends with his little girl sharing his love of music. She loved showing off her skills! Check out the one where she so sweetly hands dad his guitar pick after he dropped it. Oh my gosh, my heart just melted.

Desert Family Session | Yuma Family Photographer

Our town of Yuma, Arizona sits in the middle of the desert. There's a lot of dirt and rocks and not a lot of vegetation. Some say it's not very pretty but this session will prove them wrong. Our beautiful Yuma desert was the perfect setting for the gorgeous Harrison family. The harshness of the rocks gave a lovely contrast to the softness of their affection and colors in the sunset gave us an incredible backdrop. And when their little boy showed up with a slingshot I knew we were in for a good time! The kiddos practiced their slingshot skills, climbed some mountains, and snuggled with mom and dad. It's important to me that families feel like their time with me is a fun family event, not a photo session. The understated beauty of the Yuma desert is perfect for a family photo session.

Published! | Yuma Photographer

I am an artist and one of my favorite subjects to photograph is women. I create art that shows what it feels like to be a woman, as I feel it. When I'm photographing a woman, her story becomes entangled in mine and the final image is a portrait of my soul and hers. 

My goal for 2017 was to get published in print. In September I was thrilled to achieve my goal by having one of my images selected to be in Dear Photographer magazine! I was included in the "Emotive Collection" which is a huge compliment for me. The chosen photograph was from a session with a lovely young woman that I admire very much. She's smart, talented, and kind of a badass to be honest! This image evokes the exhaustion that life can bring. Her story is her own to tell, but for me there are times that kids, work, household responsibilities, and all the other relationships I want to nurture can wear me out. At times like that I feel depleted. I know you've been there. Even during those times I marvel at the beauty of this life.


Newborn In Home Session | Yuma Newborn Photographer

Another in home newborn session for ya! And this young Yuma family was just about the sweetest. Dad was so hands on and attentive to his little baby girl. And look how little she is! Her tiny hands and feet had me swooning. The light in their home was gorgeous and perfect for black and white.

Newborn Family Session | Yuma Newborn Photographer

You guys, I just adore doing newborn photography sessions. I offer Fresh 48 sessions, but my specialty is in home sessions in the first weeks after birth. I find that families are much more comfortable and relaxed in the comfort of their own home. That time flies by quickly and parents are so grateful to have the photos to remember all the squishy goodness of their baby. Siblings are always excited to be involved as well! This family was so happy to welcome their Sweet Pete to the world.

Beautiful In Home Session | Yuma Family Photographer

Long time photographer, first time blogger, full time dork ;) I photographed The Curtis family last July in their gorgeous family home. In home sessions are perfect here in Yuma when the high temp during the day can be 120 degrees. This family was warm and loving and the girls were so much fun to play with. I love photographing kids because it feels like we're really just hanging out together and I happen to be catching the good times with my camera.