Vanessa Brack

About Me

I am a fine art lifestyle photographer based in Yuma, AZ. I will create for you, photographic art that makes you FEEL. There is beauty in all of our emotions: the joyous, the sentimental, the melancholy, the chaos, the sadness, and most of all the love. Let’s document this beauty together so that you may return to that feeling over and over, and always remember. And that you will remember, most importantly, what it feels like to love deeply.

I’m a woman, mother, wife, photographer, activist, employee, daughter, sister, friend, the list goes on. But categories do not define me, or you, or anyone really. What I am is a person finding my way, being kind in every way I can, and creating beauty every chance that I get. And most importantly loving my people, because in the end that's all that matters. I am happiest when I make meaningful connections with people, and I think most of you feel the same way. So let’s live this life we have, this time we have, this pain and joy that we feel, and create some kickass art to remember it by. And always, just love.